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Kids need to have a great time at church!  They need to know about God and that living for Him is the best way to live!  Perhaps most importantly, they need more than babysitting.  They need character development, personal love, and spiritual nurture.

-​The children’s ministries at FaithWay Baptist Church have been developed to make church fun and spiritually productive for your child.Your son and daughter will be given special attention from trained staff and volunteers and will love the games, songs, and Bible lessons each week.Our annual VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL is a “big hit” here in Durham Region!

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Teen years for young adults are some of the most confusing, exciting, and potentially dangerous years of life!  Some parents are at a complete “loss” for how to deal with these years, and most teens need far more than they will find on television, from their peers or at school! The teen ministry at FaithWay Baptist Church will help your whole family navigate the “teen years” with guiding principles from the Bible.  Each week teens can enjoy solid teaching, helpful friendships, mentoring from Godly leaders, and activities that provide “good, clean fun!” Activities include monthly activities like bowling, mini-golf, laser quest, scavenger hunts, gym nights, pizza blasts, harvest party, and many more. Help your teen chart the right course starting this week!

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